Duet Wifi Display

I have an Ultibots D300VS delta printer (sadly no longer in production) that I use a lot.

It has a Duet Wifi control board, which has a great web interface that can do everything you need to do.

Sometimes, however, I wanted to be able to do a task at the printer, and this required using my phone to connect to the printer. There is a nice display available (PanelDue) but it was more money and functions than I need.

So I made my own. It lets me do 3 tasks that I prefer to do at the printer:

  1. Pre-heat the bed and extruder
  2. Monitor the status of a print
  3. Pause the print, extrude filament so I can change the color, and resume the print.
Initialization Screen
Status Screen
Pause and Load Screen

The display is a Nextion 2.4 inch screen (affiliate link), and an Adafruit Feather M0 board is used to interface between the Duet and the screen. For complete details you can go to my github repo

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